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*UPDATE 2/1/21 Charlie has relapsed. He is once again battling cancer for the third time.*

Charlie is a strong young man who is about to begin the life saving bone marrow transplant process that we have all been waiting for.  This is happening following his incredibly difficult battle with cancer, first acute lymphoblastic lymphoma T-cell, and then 18 months later a diagnosis of a second cancer, acute myeloid leukemia.  He is currently being treated by the team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston while staying at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Charlie’s parents have been living mostly in his hospital room and and at times in generously loaned apartments, rented hotels or apartments.  They have had to make many 3 hour drives to and from Fairfield, CT where his brother William is finishing his senior year in high school and prepping for HIS greatest moment, being the bone marrow donor for his brother!  The “Coffee for Causes”, CharlieStrong, has been set up to financially assist them with the extraordinary costs and major impact on their income.