About Us

Thanks for taking the time to read about what we at SOLUDE Coffee are all about. We love our coffee and are really excited to be able to share the SOLUDE Coffee story with you. SOLUDE Coffee is the result of a search to find a way to develop a sustainable and profitable community based business. Through this model we can support our local communities, generate employment for those that others have forgotten, all while enjoying really great coffee!


SOLUDE Coffee is all about Great Coffee, Great People and Great Causes.

Great Coffee!

Once someone has enjoyed the special aroma, flavor and smooth taste of a cup of gourmet SOLUDE Coffee they are spoiled for anything less. This amazing experience is the result of a complex and highly specialized process that starts with the harvesting of a coffee cherry in a far-off land and ends with the rich taste of SOLUDE Coffee. 

We select our coffees from the three main coffee producing regions of the world - Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific. We only buy coffee cherries of the highest grades, which are picked at just the right ripeness, and are then pulped, dried and hulled using traditional natural water-based methods. 

The freshly harvested coffee beans are shipped to SOLUDE Coffee’s roasters. They arrive in large sacks filled with “green” beans. Our experts examine each shipment, roasting, brewing and tasting small batches, to ensure it is of the highest quality. 

It’s at this point that the magic of SOLUDE Coffee really takes place. We roast our coffee to order using a process we call “hot air roasting”. The specific technique is a closely guarded secret, but we can say that our roasters use patented, computer controlled ovens in which our beans are roasted in hot air. We never apply direct heat to the ovens. This ensures that our beans can be consistently roasted to the very high temperatures required to bring out the full flavor of each green bean without burning the tips (edges). Traditional roasting ovens use direct heat sources which can burn the edges of the beans. Those burnt edges are what creates the bitter after taste in so many coffees. Our hot air roasting technique gives SOLUDE Coffee its distinctive rich, smooth taste and aroma, with no bitter after taste. 

We believe that coffee tastes best when it’s enjoyed freshly roasted. Every bag of SOLUDE Coffee is roasted to order. We roast our gourmet coffee each day and deliver it directly to our customers in air sealed bags. These bags have one way valves to allow the gases from the freshly roasted coffee to escape, while keeping contaminants out. This means every bag of SOLUDE Coffee is delivered fresh to our customers. 


Great People!

At SOLUDE Coffee we believe strongly in supporting local communities. That’s why our coffee is only sold through our great team of registered SOLUDE Consultants and small business Partners. Our Consultants are individuals that enjoy coffee but also care about their communities. They are people that are putting their personal energy into building strong, value based businesses. We have made the barriers to becoming a Consultant as low as we possibly can, so folk that would not traditionally have easy access to business opportunities like SOLUDE Coffee can participate. 

As you explore our Consultant directory you will find a rich tapestry of lives represented. Our Consultants come from many different walks-of-life. There is no cost for Consultants to register with SOLUDE Coffee, and we don’t require that our Consultants purchase any products from us (although, of course they may do so if they want to). Individual Consultants earn up to 20% on sales they make of SOLUDE Coffee, and we don’t place any limits on their earnings. Some of our Consultants run their SOLUDE businesses full time. Others use their SOLUDE business to supplement their other income. We make no demands regarding the time our Consultants put into their SOLUDE businesses. We also handle the logistics. We take care of the website, customer order processing, payments and shipping. We also provide our Consultants with training and marketing tools so they can track and grow their SOLUDE businesses in an efficient and flexible way that works for them. 


Great Causes!

At SOLUDE Coffee we are committed to our local communities. In order to ensure that this isn’t just an empty promise, we have established our “Coffee for Causes” program: 

Any SOLUDE Consultant or Partner can choose to participate in our “Coffee for Causes” program. These Consultants and Partners elect to allocate a portion of their commission directly to Causes of their choice*. When Consultants or Partners choose to participate in our “Coffee for Causes” program, we match their contribution to the Cause. Purchases through this program mean that 10% of the purchase price of the coffee** goes directly to the Cause. SOLUDE Coffee registers all Causes in advance to ensure that funds are only going to well-established reputable causes. We also ensure that the payments are made directly to the Cause. Consultants and Partners can track the donations being made on their behalf, and often work with the Causes directly to promote and support their mission. 

Charitable and other local Causes (e.g. local clubs, PTA’s, booster organizations, etc.) may also register with SOLUDE in their own right*. When you purchase SOLUDE Coffee directly through a Cause that has registered with SOLUDE, the benefits to the Cause are even greater. Causes receive 10% of the purchase price of the coffee**. We make the payments directly to the Cause each month. We offer the same logistical support to our Causes as we do to our individual Consultants and Partners and we ensure that there are never any direct costs from SOLUDE Coffee for their participation in our program. 

* Causes must be pre-registered with SOLUDE Coffee. We reserve the right to accept or refuse the registration of a Cause at our sole discretion.
** Excluding shipping and applicable taxes. Some referring Consultants also donate their commission to their favorite Causes, resulting in those Causes receiving 20%.