Consultant - Barbara Deleon

I have always adored coffee and consider myself a connoisseur. Yet when I tried SOLUDE coffee, I fell in love! I am now spoiled for any other roasts! This coffee is far superior to any I have ever had. If you like quality coffee with a rich, full-bodied flavor, and NO bitter aftertaste, this coffee is for you! I love how the decaf coffee is Swiss Water Decaffeinated, using NO chemicals and even our flavored coffee is naturally flavored! All SOLUDE Coffee is "Star K" Kosher Certified too. 

As the Regional Vice President of SOLUDE Coffee Sales and Fundraising, I love that I can share my passion for this coffee and make it into a full time career as well. I have a passion for people and love how SOLUDE gives back to local community charities. as well as supplying commercial accounts, such as Cafes, Restaurants, Universities, Markets, Senior Living Homes, etc. 

To experience the best SOLUDE coffee, contact me at I would love to help you choose the perfect blend for your discerning palate or help you provide this delicious coffee to your customers and businesses. 


Good Coffee, Good People, Good Causes - Great Choice!