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ROCK4RV "Let It Be" Decaf Blend

$ 10.50

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This rollin' decaffeinated coffee has a full body, rich flavor and medium to high acidity. The LET IT BE blend is perfect when you are looking for a great taste at any point in the day! This ROCK4RV blend was created to help fund a Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) Foundation research grant in memory of Robert Vitanza. Enjoy this awesome coffee while supporting a great cause!

SOLUDE Coffee will always taste freshest if you grind it just before brewing.  But we know that can be tough in our busy lives, so we are happy to grind your SOLUDE coffee for you at no extra cost.  We often get asked what grind to select.  Well, it all depends on how you are going to brew your SOLUDE Coffee.

Coarse Grind - works best in French Presses

Regular Grind - is best suited to percolators and regular (drip) coffee machines.  You should also select regular grind if you want to use SOLUDE coffee in a reusable single serve filter machine

Fine Grind - is only for espresso machines.  Do not use fine ground coffee in a French Press or drip machine

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