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Your Quick Guide to Becoming A Coffee Wholesaler


Start Your Wholesale Coffee Business 

Starting any business can be pretty overwhelming and challenging, but if you want to begin with fewer challenges in a broad market, you may want to consider selling coffee beans wholesale.


When it comes to this kind of business, one should have a lot of knowledge on coffee - from coffee plantations to coffee product marketing. So, if you want to get your foot in the coffee distribution industry, here are some steps you can take to move forward and be successful.


Easy Steps to Selling Wholesale Coffee 

Tip #1: Be A Coffee Expert

Spend a good deal of time learning about the coffee industry. You can start first with the world’s biggest producers and regions, the kind of coffee they have, and how they produce and manufacture it wholesale. By the time you’ve learned about them all, make sure to stay updated on the coffee trends.


Tip #2: Segment Your Market

Once you’ve gained valuable knowledge about the coffee industry, you can start selecting your preferred market. Determine which type of coffee you want to sell and where you want to distribute it. Remember to consider the coffee industry trends in making your choice.


Tip #3: Get Your License

In order to become a coffee distributor, you will need to have a distribution license. There are some states where a pre-distribution license course is also required. While it depends on where you plan on setting up your shop, be sure to plan accordingly.


Tip #4: Choose the Best Manufacturer

If you already understand your local market, it’s time to select a great coffee manufacturer that produces the kind of coffee relevant to the interest of the target market that you might want to work with.


At SOLUDE Coffee, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to support our local communities through our "Coffee for Causes" program. Our consultants and partners can join and give a part of their commission directly to the cause of their choice. In return, we match their contribution to the Cause. This means that for every coffee purchase, 10% of all proceeds will go straight to that cause.


If you’re interested in becoming our partner, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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