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Air-Roasted Coffee 101: Why It’s Loved by Many

Take Your Pick: Air-Roasted Coffee or Drum-Roasted Coffee

Over the years, coffee has changed from simply being a hot beverage to becoming everyone's favorite pick-me-up drink. From coffee shops to home-brewed coffee, anyone can enjoy the goodness of coffee beans in a sip.

The history of coffee in itself is fascinating, and the most exciting part is the roasting. And that’s where air-roasted coffee started.

air roasted coffee

What exactly is air-roasted coffee, and how is it made?

Air-roasted coffee was developed by Michael Sivetz, a chemical engineer and coffee industry consultant. It is dramatically different when compared to the traditional coffees that are commonly drum-roasted. Its process involves roasting the coffee on a fluid bed of hot air to bring out the best in its quality beans. This creates a more aromatic roast minus the bitter-tasting tars.

How does it differ from drum-roasted coffee?

The difference between air-roasted coffee and drum-roasted coffee lies in their roasting method. Air roasting of coffee beans depends on a specific temperature during the process where they are moved around the roasting chamber by the air inside. Drum-roasted coffee, on the other hand,  is made from roasting beans in the rotating roasting drum until they have reached the roaster’s preferred color.

What are the benefits of air-roasted coffee?

Although most coffee available on the market is drum roasted, many coffee lovers still prefer air-roasted coffee because of its smoother and less bitter taste over traditional drum-roasted coffee. Because of the air that roasted the coffee, you’ll end up tasting the goodness of its unique flavor and intense aroma, which conventional roasters can’t preserve.

While the debate continues around air-roasted coffee and drum-roasted coffee, when you decide to purchase coffee, always buy from a roaster you can truly trust - like us. At Solude Coffee, we guarantee the quality, freshness, and flavor of our gourmet blends. Discover our collection of roasted coffee here.

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