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Upgrade Your Morning Brew With These Coffee Flavors

While a cup of coffee is always a great idea to start your mornings right, adding flavor to it will definitely delight your senses even more. Flavored coffee is a delicious way to upgrade your morning brew. From hazelnut to vanilla and a lot more, you can select from different roasted gourmet blends of coffee beans with the right profile to perfectly accent your desired flavor.

At Solude Coffee, we believe that behind every coffee is a flavor that will make its aroma and taste more irresistible. We’ve listed below some of our favorite flavored coffee beans to help you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a subtle flavor.


Rainforest Nut

Rainforest Nut

This rich and nutty flavored coffee is a unique blend of brazil nuts, cashews, caramel, and a touch of vanilla which will remind you of sunlight bursting through a deep, lush forest. Taste the difference of this exciting coffee packed with an exotic flavor guaranteed to be as fresh as all our gourmet blends.

Cocoa Mocha

Cocoa Mocha

Packed with spicy and nutty notes, these delicious coffee beans are rich yet perfectly balanced with a chocolate twist. An exciting infusion of comfort and chocolatey goodness, Cocoa Mocha flavored coffee is quite a treat.

Jamaica Craze

 Jamaica craze coffee blend

There's nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. This island blend of coffee, caramel, and vanilla gives off some serious island summer vibes to keep your beach spirit alive. Every freshly brewed cup of this Jamaica Craze will indeed evoke the pure experience of famous Jamaican coffee.




 Hazelnut Coffee

Awaken your senses like never before with this all-time favorite. Nothing beats a flavored coffee that is Hazelnut infused with sweet and nutty undertones. Its aroma exudes the irresistible scent of toasted hazelnut.


Maple Nut

Maple nut coffee


Experience a different kind of ambiance with these coffee beans that create a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee perfect for breakfast lovers. The delightful flavors of sweet maple syrup and walnuts combined in this flavored coffee will give a taste you'll definitely jump out of bed for!


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice

Get cozy with this warm blend of spice and pumpkin pie that will remind you of the brisk autumn air. Savor each sip of this Pumpkin Spice whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane and relive your best autumn days.

French Vanilla

French vanilla


This classic pack of coffee beans will give you something to look forward to each day, thanks to its rich flavors, soft taste, and the enticing aroma of sweet vanilla. Make your mornings more flavorful with a beautiful cup of French Vanilla coffee.


Want more? Discover our wide selection of freshly-made flavored coffee here.

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