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True Sojourners is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to blessing and empowering the people of the “hard places” of this world with tangible demonstrations of love. We accomplish this through a series of unique development projects that are all done in partnership with local leaders who direct each initiative. 

From Africa to Asia and everywhere in between, we have the great privilege of working with some of the most gifted national leaders on some of the most strategic and beneficial development initiatives in our world today. Whether it’s providing accessible health care in remote African towns; housing, medical and food assistance to refugees in the Middle East; or freedom, schooling, clean water and jobs for former slaves in Asia - True Sojourners has a strong track record of helping to bless nations and empower people in hard places through creative means. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be a SOLUDE cause, as this unique partnership takes the concept of “fair trade” coffee to a whole new level. Not only does SOLUDE promote employment and fair trade for local farmers in some of the very places where we work by purchasing from them; True Sojourners is also committed to investing 100% of the money we receive from our SOLUDE sales account into our general fund so that we can bless and empower even more people. Unlike some other companies who market their coffee by partnering with charities while granting them only a tiny percentage of profits, the donation being made by SOLUDE Coffee and their consultant is an incredible 25%!

Thank you SOLUDE, and thank you conscientious coffee lovers! Where else can you buy the world’s finest coffees at such low prices while also helping people in “hard places” on such a large scale? Hint: you can’t! 

To learn more about True Sojourners or about opportunities to get involved, please visit us at www.truesojourners.org