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Men Evolving Now is a Social Club, in Berks County PA, focused on providing motivated men (ages 21 and over) the opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals interested in maintaining a positive lifestyle free from judgment and competition. M.E.N. members gather to celebrate the successes of other men, assist in transition periods, and provide perspective during today’s chaotic pace of life. It allows men of various ages and backgrounds the ability to socialize in a comfortable and non-threatening environment. M.E.N. provides an opportunity to be heard and encourages men to reach their full potential as individuals, fathers, sons, and husbands. Members attend monthly forums to socialize and discuss men related topics. The partners and children of members are included in the M.E.N. experience as they are invited to several events throughout the year, including the annual Dedication to Fatherhood ceremony.

Men Evolving Now is active in the community; offering M.E.N. presentations and Forums to local businesses and universities. Men Evolving Now understands the chaotic pace of life and offers M.E.N. within the workplace allowing for: more motivated and happier employees/co-workers and a healthier work environment. Participants and their families also enjoy scheduled events throughout the month. Men Evolving Now provides a semester of Forums, seminars, and ceremonies to universities in efforts to positively benefit the lives of the young people within our community.

Men Evolving Now is proud to be a SOLUDE Cause. 20% of all online coffee sales will be used to support families in transition. Our mission is to provide financial support and fulfilling life experiences for recently separated and divorced individuals with children in Berks County.