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We are a small group of people in the Reading, PA region, just outside of Philadelphia. This foundation supports the efforts in Puttur, India — where Henry Bhasker is heading the Good Shepherd Mission. At the mission there is an orphanage, hospital and school.

How it started:

The Mission in Puttur was founded in 1979 by M. Henry and Viola Bhasker. Both of the Bhasker’s were school teachers in Puttur. Henry was the Headmaster and in the year 1994 he was chosen “The Best Teacher in India”.

Six young boys attended school where Viola was teaching. She noticed that they never went home for lunch. It was discovered that they were living in extreme poverty and there was no food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These six boys were taken into the love and care of the Bhasker’s and shared their home as their own children 

The Bhasker’s gave everything they had to start this mission. There often was very little extra and many times the entire family was lacking food. But, they continued to persevere each challenge.

Over the years, the Good Shepherd Mission has expanded its social ministries to include:

  • The founding of 12 village churches, each with its own evangelist, in villages which now has a source of food and support
  • The founding of a girls orphanage housing 150 children
  • The founding of an outreach program in the distant village of Kolladam, which has a teacher, health clinic and a boys orphanage
  • A home for about 20 elderly at the mission
  • Clothing and feeding programs daily for the local population
  • Higher education for those orphans who qualify
  • Christmas dinner & presents for the mission staff, children, elderly, evangelists, and their eldest villagers
  • A beautiful, hospital built by many generous donations from individuals, groups, churches, and organizations, which was dedicated in 2006 to provide FREE health services to the poor –general practitioner, gynecologist, dentist, eye doctor, and physiotherapist
  • A HIV/AIDs and TB Center providing shelter, clothing, food, and medication for 32 people inflicted with these communicable diseases and shunned from their villages.